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I want to help you with your low-waste, environmentally-conscious projects. At Rivalries Corporation, we take scrap plastic from manufacturers and produce plastic lumber and plastic tiles for use in any kind of project. Get in touch with me today to discuss how we can help you use our recycled-plastic materials and products!

Leo Blakely, Owner

Before & After Salvage Projects

Salvage your decaying lumber structures with our plastic lumber! Save yourself some money and help save the environment by using our recycled-plastic lumber



This deck was salvaged using our recycled-plastic lumber, saving money on expensive lumber. The new deck is cheaper, will last longer, and was made with environmentally-friendly recycled plastics.

Environmental Projects

Start environmentally-friendly projects with our recycled-plastic lumber!

This driveway was built using our recycled-plastic lumber. Contact us for environmentally-friendly materials to use in your projects.

Custom Designs

Want a custom design for a new plastic lumber project? Send us a picture or link and we can get started on the design!
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