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Recycled-Plastic Lumber Deck Tiles

Build your decks with plastic lumber tiles from Rivalries! Our tiles made from recycled plastics are the perfect material for your deck, as the plastic won't wear down or rot from water contact or pesky carpenter ants. Decks made with our plastic lumber tiles are cheap, long-lasting, and have a low environmental footprint due to our tiles being 100% made up from recycled plastics.

Contact us to discuss to build your deck with our recycled-plastic tiles

This deck was built using Rivalries' recycled-plastic deck tiles. The deck went up quickly, with the tiles fitting seemlessly together. This beautiful deck will last years longer than a conventional deck and the looks won't fade. Don't hesitate to contact us and get the tiles for your new deck!

These are factory samples of some other deck tiles produced with Rivalries plastic lumber. We can make your deck tiles in any size, shape, or surface finish. Let us know what style you need for your deck - we won't let you down!