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Salvage projects using our recycled-plastic lumber

There's no need to pay for expensive tear-down and rebuild projects when you can salvage existing infrastructure with our plastic lumber! We can design our lumber to fit whatever dimensions are required, and help you to salvage for a fraction of the cost of a rebuild. Below are a few examples of salvage projects using our recycled-plastic lumber.

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Before pictures of a deck in desperate need of repair

After picture of the deck repaired with our plastic lumber

This deck was salvaged using Rivalries' recycled-plastic lumber, saving hundreds of dollars through salvaging rather than rebuilding with natural lumber.

Before and after of a porch repair project

Rivalries was able to help this lucky homeowner to replace their old and decaying wooden porch. Our plastic lumber made for a cheap and quick repair of the porch, keeping the main foundations while replacing the old wood with lumber that won't chip or crack.