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Environmentally-friendly projects with our recycled-plastic lumber

Looking to build/repair AND stay environmentally-concious? Our recycled-plastic lumber is the perfect material for you! Projects built with our lumber saves the footprint required to create new materials while promoting the recycling of spent plastic materials. See some examples below of how your project's ecological impact can be reduced by using our recycled-plastic lumber.

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These pathways were rebuilt using our lumber that came from the plastic waste produced by large factories. Not only did we stop the waste from being incinerated or dumped, but we also saved the waste associated with creating and laying new tile and stone. These projects serve as a perfect example of how the use of our recycled-plastic lumber can help save the environment, one project at a time.

These temporary walkways can be built with our plastic lumber. There's no need to raise the grass or natural environment for temporary projects, or to use harmful plastic sheets that can rip and leave plastic remnants after the work is complete.

Temporary walkways are a simple example of how our recycled-plastic lumber can be used to reduce waste and contribute to your projects.