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Landscaping with Recycled-Plastic Lumber

All your landscaping needs can be fulfilled with our recycled-plastic lumber. Need a an assembled planter? Outdoor Chair? Yard boxes or a combo cooler and side table? You can get all these items, or the materials needed to create your own landscaping projects, with Rivalries recycled-plastic lumber.

Contact us see how we can meet your needs for landscaping your backyard, garden, or office patio.

A sample of some of our landscaping items, including a planter and chairs

A planter made with our recycled-plastic lumber

These pieces look great and are made from 100% recycled plastics. These chairs and planters would look great in any yard, deck, or porch.

Chair and cooler - side table combo piece

Garden boxes

Our landscaping pieces, made out of our recycled-plastic lumber, are long-lasting, lightweight, functional pieces that will not wear down due to stresses from weather or heavy use. Contact us to learn about our wide range of landscaping items and material.

These are some possible designs using our recycled-plastic lumber. We can help you to build any landscaping item you need. We think planters are a great application for our lumber, but our material can be used for whatever you need in your yard! Check out our Custom Designs and see how we can help you build a environmentally-friendly outdoor space.